Biomedicine Careers Hub Launched on Blackboard for Salford Students

By Dr David  Greensmith 

I’m sure that for most of you, to enter a career related to your degree — and thus realise your ambitions — is of the upmost importance. Indeed, it’s probably why you chose your particular degree in the first place! In an increasingly competitive employment landscape, choosing a career path that is right for you, then making yourself as employable as possible, has never been as important. 

To facilitate this, the Biomedicine leadership team has launched a brand new “Biomedicine Careers Hub” located within the communities section of Blackboard. It’s important to stress that the hub does not replace existing dedicated and personal mentorship schemes such as Biomed Soc, the Research Careers Working Group and GEMMS/PA. Rather, it will support and expand those schemes by providing a permanent and centralised repository for resources related to careers and employability 

At the top of the hub’s landing page, you will see a video (see “Welcome to the Biomedicine Careers Hub”) that provides more general information but briefly, you can use the hub in two ways: 

(1) To research career options

On the hub, you will see activity spaces for fundamental career groups. We have kept those groups relatively high level (representing a considerable breadth of distinct pathways in some cases) and the list certainly isn’t exhaustive. Indeed, if you feel a certain career group isn’t represented, let us know. Nonetheless, you can casually browse the hub to get an idea of the sort of careers that are aligned to your degree. If you decide you wish to pursue a given career, the associated space will provide specific information that intends to help with your own endeavours. For example; career-specific job advert sites, CV-enhancing opportunities and application / entry routes. 

(2)  To make yourself more employable

To facilitate entry into any career, the richer your CV the better; you must stand out from the crowd.  To this end, we will also place CV-enhancing opportunities on the hub. If you engage with as many opportunities as you can, your CV will improve consequently. As most opportunities have wide scope (i.e. will support many degree-related careers), they will appear in the “CV-enhancing opportunities (for all careers)” space. If an opportunity is career-specific, you will find it in the related career space. Remember, many opportunities are transient so you should check the hub frequently. 

The hub is a highly dynamic resource. It will constantly grow and develop with new content so do access it on a regular basis to see what’s new. And remember that while we created this resource to help you research careers, enhance your CV then go for the jobs, all we can do is provide the opportunities. It is up to you to engage with as many of those as you can to make yourself as employable as possible!  Enjoy the hub. Your programme team has invested a lot of effort in creating this for you, so we really hope you find it a useful resource. Feel free to send constructive feedback to

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