The Steps You Can Take at University to Prepare for a Career

By Prathyusha Viswanathan and Anna-Marie Grayson

The  achievement of completing a university degree is especially felt when you secure a good job. Even a small opportunity, especially as an undergraduate, can be considered valuable, as work experience will boost your career. Initially, career planning can make you feel daunted, but just as building the foundation is crucial for constructing a building, taking the essential correct steps at university plays an incredibly significant role in your journey to a career. You will be able to feel yourself developing and progressing with each of these steps you take. To start, our university’s experienced Careers and Enterprise Leader, Anna-Marie Grayson, has detailed some of the important steps students should aim to take at each level of their study. Question? Email 

  • Learn to develop a good rapport with your tutors or lecturers, their wide career network can help and guide you well.
  • Join societies related to your field – this will allow you to interact with other students and volunteering here will develop teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Draft a substantive CV and cover letter which can be updated when required.
  • Consider joining a placement to gain work experience – apply with placement providers who would be essential to your programme of study and research the placement providers you are applying for.
  • Make sure to attend the career fairs and workshops conducted on campus.
  • Create and update your LinkedIn profile.
  • Ensure you have a planner for the year.
  • Focus on applying for graduate/postgraduate schemes applicable to your course and make sure you note deadlines.
  • Update your CV.
  • Apply for Postgraduate or PhD courses in good time, if you don’t wish to bring an interruption to your studies.
  • Ensure you rebalancing your University workload with applications.

“Apart from these useful tips, I must definitely stress that our university not only conducts career fairs and workshops on campus, but also provides students with exceptional support and guidance in approaching their career goals. A CV is the tool to start your career search, a document which must be perfectly presented to employers. Our careers and employability team ensures students have an impressive CV if you consult with them. Students can also book mock interviews with our career team experts via the platform Advantage, to help prepare them to exhibit a confident, professional attitude and overcome fear to ace any interview.

“It is highly advisable students take the utmost advantage of such accessible support services set up for them. Remaining focused and vigilant always whilst pursuing your goals counts the most! I hope all of you ensure to adopt the right steps in your career search and wish you all the best to attain success in your desired career!”

– Anna-Marie Grayson; School of Science, Environment and Engineering Careers and Enterprise Leader at the University of Salford

Where can I start looking for graduate opportunities?

Use these resources to find opportunities for work experience or work after you graduate. You may also find it useful to contact relevant people in your network and keep an eye on LinkedIn and social media for any, such as for job adverts. Don’t be afraid to get in contact with opportunity providers like hospitals about how they specifically advertise opportunities and what they might have available.

AAAS Science Careers

Known to provide excellent job opportunties in Biomedicine, translational research, preclinical development and health sciences in countries such as the UK, US, Europe and Asia

NHS Jobs

Main provider of Biomedical Scientist jobs and Medical Laboratory or Associate Practitioner jobs in Pathology departments in NHS hospitals.

Salford Students: Salford Advantage

If you are a Salford Student ensure you have signed up with the relevant mailing lists for placements and opportunities.

The Biomedical Scientist Jobs

Official job board of the Institute of Biomedical Science and exceptionally certified platform providing opportunities for all biomedical science disciplines as well as veterinary science and research. Featured recruiters include Spire Healthcare, NHS, Pure Healthcare Group

Student Circus

Provides handpicked jobs, placements and internships in all UK sectors. Some jobs and employers referred by student circus also provides a Tier 2 VISA, which may be useful for international students

Student Employment Services (SES)

A well-established platform and excellent guide for student internships or placements, if you want to gain work experience while studying. Also provides some graduate opportunities

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