Biomedicine Careers Hub Update

By Dr David Greensmith

The “Biomedicine Careers Hub” I wrote of in the previous issue continues to grow from strength to strength. The hub (which can be accessed via the “communities” area of Blackboard) is now heavily populated with career-related resources. You will see several activity spaces, each associated with a particular high-level career area:

  • Biomedical scientist and pathology lab
  • Research-based careers and progression to PhD / Master by Research
  • Taught masters
  • Teaching
  • Graduate entry medicine, dentistry and physician’s associate
  • Biotechnology and industry
  • Microbiology and public health
  • Scientific communication, writing and outreach

Each space is managed by a member of staff who is an expert in the field and are packed full of useful and career-specific resources. Remember, each space represents a considerable breadth of distinct pathways and the list certainly isn’t exhaustive. Indeed, if you feel a certain career group isn’t represented, let us know. On the hub, you will also find general activity spaces which contain career-spanning resources such career events, placements and CV enhancing opportunities.

Remember, you can use the hub in two ways: (1) to research career options and (2) to make yourself more employable by engaging with the many extra-curricular activities that feature on the site. It’s a highly dynamic resource and will constantly grow and develop with new content so do access it on a regular basis to see what’s new.

The leads of certain career groups have established parallel MS Teams sites for further career-specific mentoring and support. To gain access to any of these Teams sites, go to the Careers Hub or simply contact the associated academic lead. These academics have given an overview of each career and its career hub in other articles.

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